The potency of CBD Oil determines its effect and its pricing. Knowing how potency effects CBD oil and use can help you make better-informed decisions when you start or continue your CBD journey.

Potency certainly matters, but how much so depends entirely on the person. CBD potencies vary widely, from 100 mg to up to 5,000 mg for a 30 mL in size (considered an unofficial industry standard). On the one hand, most distributors would consider a 300 mg bottle to be a “low potency” option, while a 5,000 mg bottle would be a high potency option.

When beginning a CBD oil journey, most people consider the cost. A lower potency formulation is generally a good place to start, especially if you don’t have a tolerance. Starting with a lower potency formulation allows you the time to find your sweet spot and to gauge  how your body will react to the CBD, since everyone has a different set of factors that will affect tolerance, such as biochemistry, weight, and metabolism. 


Low potency CBD oil (300 mg)

People use the 300 mg oil for conditions like mild to moderate anxiety and minor body aches and pains. Also, the low-potency oil is great for individuals who’ve found that have a low tolerance to CBD (and/or cannabis in general) – some people have a more active endocannabinoid system than do others, so they will naturally not require as strong of an oil.

The low-strength 300 mg is also an excellent option to take as a daily supplement, and many people take a single daily dose of it for increased immune health, increased bodily balance.

A single serving of the 300 mg (30 mL) bottle is equivalent to 15 drops of oil, which translates to a 7.5 mg dose of CBD.

A lot of people won’t even use a full dose though, as they’re able to find relief with as little as 5-7 drops of oil, which translates to about a 3.5 mg dose.

Mid potency CBD oil (600 mg)

The 600 mg oil is a good step-up option for people who find that they’re having to take large (and/or multiple) doses of the 300 mg in order to get effective results. In general, a lot of people use it for more moderate cases of anxiety, pain, inflammation, and digestive issues.

A single dose is still the same 15 drops of oil, but instead of containing 7.5 mg of CBD, the 600 mg bottle contains 15 mg per dose.

High potency CBD oil (1200 mg)

 Of course, the 1200 mg CBD oil is the most high-strength option. People have used it successfully in the past to treat severe cases of insomnia, depression, anxiety/panic attacks, chronic pain, and/or as a buffer while weaning off heavy drug or alcohol addiction. It’s not recommended that first time users start out with this tincture.

Just like the 300 and 600 mg products, it comes in a 30 mL bottle, but a single 15 drop serving equates to a 30 g dose of CBD

 (* Available only to Doctors, Naturopaths, Phytotherapists and Homeopaths)